Top 5 Excavator Attachments

People have tried to pigeon hole excavators as only digging machines. However, over the years the excavator has become a jack of all trade’s kind of machine. Different attachments extend the versatility of an excavator, making them useful in all sorts of applications.  Avenue Machinery is always stocked with excavators for sale, we also carry a large range of attachments. Here we have compiled a list of the top 5 excavator attachments.

  1.  Plate Compactor/Hoe-pack
    Soil compaction is essential on any job where ground settling is necessary. A hydraulic plate compactor will allow you to speed up the process of compaction. Imagine; after digging a trench, running pipping and doing the back-fill there is no reason to bring a different compaction machine on site. Easily switch your bucket over to a plate compactor. In addition to the simplicity provided by a one machine option, compaction tests have shown hoe-packs to be more efficient than roller compactors.
  2. Hammer/Breaker
    Excavators are extremely useful to contractors with demolition work. Breaking through concrete and pavement is child’s play with a hammer.
  3.  Screen bucket
    Soil preparation and green space reclamation are just two tasks that a screen bucket excavator attachment can help you tackle. An environmental project manager can fit a screen bucket to an excavator and sift through dirt and easily remove items like big rocks or industrial metals.
  4.  Grapple
    It shouldn’t be too difficult to grasp why anyone doing materials handling would find adding a grapple to their excavator useful. Grab lumber, debris, rocks and much more. A grapple extends the usefulness of you excavator immensely.
  5. Rototilt
    Titlarotators are standard fare across Europe, but their popularity is just now beginning to grow in Canada. Rototilt is the leader in this charge. When you add a Rototilt to an excavator, you remove the need for at least one laborer on your job site.  In today’s tough hiring environment this is music to both construction foremen and landscaping supervisors. The advanced piece of equipment can be used with Trimble integration making it a favorite for grading work. A hydraulic coupler makes switching from a Rototilt bucket to a Rototilt grapple a breeze. Go from dirt work to materials handling quickly.


Avenue Machinery has become the leader in compact equipment in British Columbia and the trusted source for excavator users. If you have any questions about excavators please don’t hesitate to ask.

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