Tips for Buying a Used Tractor

A used tractor can provide excellent value. Whether you’re looking at one of the 150+ used tractors for sale on Avenue Machinery or purchasing from a private seller we’ve put together a handful of tips to help you make an informed purchase.

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  • Are the tires tired?

    A used tractor may look like a great deal, but check the tires! If the tractor’s tires are overly worn-out you will find yourself quickly spending money on new rubber. Check the tread depth and the integrity of the side walls. Even with old tires, a tractor may still offer incredible value, as a buyer you just need to be aware of what you are getting into.

  • Start it up

    It’s important you actually start the tractor. It’s important to take note of any smoke from the engine. As the engine is running

  • Go for a drive

    You need to see how the used tractor drives. Forward, backward and around corners. As you drive the tractor shift between the different gears.

  • How does it function?

    Does the tractor do what it is supposed to do? It sounds simple but people often forget to check the basics. You need to test all the functions; PTO at all speeds, 3-pt hitch controls, and all loader functions(bucket curl, grapple etc.)

  • Is the tractor leaking?

    Fluids travel down, so start by peeking under the machine and looking for puddles. Look along the hoses and lines and look, look near hydraulic couplers

  • Bring a buddy!

    There’s value in having a second set of eyes with you. Someone who can help you remember to check the important details and discuss the pros and cons of a used tractor.