Tips for buying a used skid steer

What should you look for when you are buying a used skid steer? Avenue Machinery wants you to be prepared to make a good purchase. Whether you are looking at our wide inventory or buying from a private seller you can follow some basic rules to make sure you get a great machine.

We have put together a list of tips to help you navigate buying a used skid steer. Avenue Machinery has a wide selection of used skid steers for sale, but these tips can be used when you are looking elsewhere as well.

  1. Don’t be scared to get dirty!

    Get in the skid steer! Work every button, drive it every which way. Take your time and use the equipment.

  2. Check the cylinders

    look for nicks and scaring. These don’t just serve as clues to the type of use the skid steer has been through. Damaged cylinders point to future maintenance costs you won’t want to face.

  3. Avoid smiling buckets

    If the bucket is bowed towards the ground the machine has seen hard use. You want nice square buckets.

  4. Look at the skid steer’s tires

    Tires are not cheap! A “great deal” may end up costing you once you factor in new tires. Check the tread and sidewalls at each wheel on the skid steer.

  5. Shake that thing!

    Lift the boom of the machine, and shake. You are looking to see how much sloppy movement there is. Too much shake and rattle mean there is likely pin and bushing wear.

  6. Look inside

    Take a look inside the engine compartment. Check when the filters were changed, look for corroded wires, and evidence of leaks.

  7. Look under

    Get down on the ground and take a peek under the skid steer. You are looking for obvious damage to the belly pan.

  8. Bring a buddy

    It is always a good idea to have a second set of eyes.

    Take these tips with you when you look at a skid steer. An efficient way of shopping for a skid steer is to visit one of our locations and look at a few machines in one go. You’ll appreciate the peace of mind buying through a dealer brings. Avenue Machinery is also able to offer financing options on used skid steers. Often a monthly payment is helpful to a business watching their cash flow.