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Disc and pendulum spreaders are designed to evenly distribute fertilizer, salt and other granules. They are available in many sizes and can be helpful to a farmer or a snow maintenance worker. For instance a salt spreader can be attached to a small tractor for winter sidewalk use, or a big spreader can be attached to a tractor on a farm.

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Disc v.s Pendulum

Avenue Machinery sells both disc and pendulum spreaders. you may ask, what’s the difference between the two options?
Best for chunkier materials, like compost. They are generally a more economy choice, but are not an accurate tool.

These spreaders more evenly distribute materials to both sides making them a more ideal choice for fertilizers and other inputs that require accuracy.

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3-pt or Pull type

Spreaders are typically 3-pt or pull type depending on your application needs. We sell the best fertilizer, salt, and granular spreaders from these brands:

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Isobus Compatible

Larger spreaders from Kubota are ISOBUS compatible so they work with your precision farming equipment easily.

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