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Kubota and Land Pride Seeders make sure that property managers, landscapers and municipalities get the job done with amazing results. From grasses to other seeds make sure you have the right seeder for the job by speaking to our team about your needs. We have a passion for helping people achieve the results they demand.

Land Pride All Purpose Seeders

All Purpose Seeders are excellent combination planting and cultivation tools for golf courses, school systems, municipalities, rental yards, construction companies, sports fields, and college campuses. Their narrower widths make them effective in seeding applications on residential lots, grassy medians, or rights-of-way adjacent to sidewalks, community parks, sporting facilities, and golf courses. Unlike wider seeder models, these units will do a more effective job of planting in areas where undulations, moguls, and depressions are prevalent.

HP Required: 25 -130 HP
Available Widths: 48″,60″,72″,86″
Hitch Types Cat 1&2

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Land Pride Over Seeders

Land Pride’s OS1548 & OS1572 Solid Stand Overseeders offer precise placement and seed-to-soil contact, making them ideal for over-seeding existing stands of grass or establishing new turf. The three way seed-to-soil contact system provides great germination and emergence with the solid advantages of a full-width seeding pattern.

HP Required: 25 -60 HP
Available Widths: 48″
Hitch Types Cat 1

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Land Pride Primary Seeders

Primary Seeder is perfect for the hometown landscaper to do lawns, community parks and areas between the curb and sidewalk. They also perform better than larger models in areas where light moguls, undulations and depressions exist. The main seedbox is equipped with our standard fluted seed cups and agitation to seed most turf type grasses, as well as a variety of other seeds from peas to alfalfa.

HP Required: 25 – 60 HP
Available Widths: 72″
Hitch Types Cat 1

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