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Massey Ferguson 4700 Series Tractors

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The Massey Ferguson 4700 has been designed with one thing in mind: Dependability! After all the hardworking people of British Columbia don’t have the time for anything else. The Massey Ferguson 4700 series has 100+ years of agriculture knowledge rolled into a tough, long lasting mid range HP tractor ready for any job.

Any Task

The mid range horsepower of the Massey Ferguson 4700 series of tractors gives you the strength to do any task. Mow it, bale it, lift it!

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Ease of Use

Though powerful the 4700 series isn’t intimidating. Using the machine is as simple as getting on it and getting to work. Whether it is you or your hired help you can rest easy knowing the the 4700 doesn’t take rocket scientist to operate.

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Cab or Open Station

The operators platform is simple and yet not basic. The optional cab gives comfort in all elements and give luxurious all around viability. Open station models maintain the ergonomic positioning on controls for day-long comfort.

Massey Ferguson 4700 Series Tractors Picture
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