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Kubota U48-5 Excavators

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The introduction of the Kubota U48 fills a gap in the Kubota lineup. As the demand for 4-6 ton excavators in British Columbia grows Avenue Machinery is pleased to offer this new reduced tail swing excavator and bridge the gap between the Kubota KX040-4 and U55-4.

Technology Filled Cab

Need to operate effectively? Quickly access all important information on the full-colour, high-resolution LCD screen. Connect to the U48 excavator through your phone or any internet-connected computer to conveniently read your telematics. Fleet management has never been this easy.

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Work all day without fatigue setting in. Ergonomics drastically improves the performance and overall health of operators. The Kubota u48-5 has a large and spacious cab that has been designed to accommodate all sizes. A double adjustable seat lets an operator settle in for a long productive day. Noise reduction technology makes for a comfortable day.

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Keyless Start

Optional keyless start makes losing keys a thing of the past. Just hop into the excavator and get to work.

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