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Kubota U17 Excavators

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Breakout Force
3417 lbf


The U17 is a zero turn excavator, meaning it keeps its tail swing inside its tracks. It is one of the best excavators to buy if you are often squeezing into tight spaces or are concerned your operators may hit something by accident.

Bucket Breakout Force: 3417 lbf
Dig Depth: 7’7″
Operatior Weight: 3693 lbs
Overall Width: 3’3″ – 4’1″
Emissions: Tier 4 Final

Zero Tail Swing Excavator

Zero-tail swing means you’ll never again worry about what is to the side or behind you while you work. No matter how far you turn, the tail always remains within the width of the tracks. Zero-tail swing also ensures excellent balance, stability and faster operation, making the U17 ideal for jobs in congested areas.

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Kubota Tier 4 Diesel Engine

Greater efficiency, clean burning with low noise and vibration.

Kubota U17 Excavators Picture

Variable Track Width Excavator

The U17 features a hydraulic track gauge that can be adjusted to between 3′ 3″ and 4’1″ (990 mm and 1,240 mm). With the touch of a single lever, you can reduce the track gauge to navigate narrow spaces or increase it to improve functionality.

Kubota U17 Excavators Picture