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Kubota SZ Series Stand-on Lawnmowers

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When efficiency is paramount to profitability a stand-on mower is the right choice. A Kubota SZ stand-on mower will make you quick and nimble. Avenue Machinery has the Kubota SZ stand-on mower for sale. Kubota’s reputation is one you can stand-on!

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In an industry where efficiency affects the bottom line, you’ll appreciate this compact lawnmower. The tiny footprint of the Kubota SZ mower makes it a breeze to transport. It takes up less room on the trailer, leaving you space for more tools or even a second mower.

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Walk Behind Mode

Not every job site is the same, landscapers and groundskeepers need control over their equipment. The Kubota SZ Stand-on mower quickly flips into the walk-behind professional-grade walk-behind lawnmower. The operator can choose the mode that works best for each job.

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You’ll get work done more quickly than ever, zipping around properties with all moves of a zero-turn with the added benefit of getting in and out of the tiniest of nocks and crannies. The maneuverability of the Kubota SZ series of mowers can give you the edge you need to take on more jobs.

Kubota SZ Series Stand-on Lawnmowers Picture