Kubota RM Series Plows

The plow is often considered the most important agricultural implement in history.  Kubota has taken their roll as plow-maker seriously, purchasing Kverneland  to make sure they are leading the pack. Kubota RM series plows are compact, easy to lift and use Variomat technology to work efficiently in all soils conditions.

There are 5 different plow bodies available: No 8,9,28,30,34


Variomat System

The Variomat® system is the solution for spring tillage, a season where the weather is so unpredictable. It combines efficiency and plowing quality.

Robust Construction

The robust construction of the Kubota RM Plow series makes it ready for a lifetime of use in even the most challanging conditions. The frame is a single box section tthat has been heat treated. There are no welds, just solid steel that is ready to work.

Non-stop Plowing

Even in challenging fields you can keep going, non-stop! Kubota uses a non-stop system that lets the arms move independently and return to the correct plowing depth when an obstacle has been passed.

RM2005V-339.4" (100 cm)29.5" (75 cm)Non-stop
RM2005V-439.4" (100 cm)29.5" (75 cm)Non-stop
RM3005V-333.5"/39.4" (85/100cm)27.6"/29.5" (70/75cm)Non-stop
RM3005V-439.4" (100 cm)29.5" (75 cm)Non-stop
RM3005V-539.4" (100 cm)29.5" (75 cm)Non-stop

Kubota RM Series Plows