Kubota KX018-4 Series Excavators


Unlike most other 1.7 tonne excavators the KX018 has an optional cab with heat. This cab option is loved by West Coast companies that need to keep working rain, shine or snow!

Bucket Breakout Force: 3594 lbf
Dig Depth: 7’10”
Operator Weight: 3748 – 3968 lbs /
Overall Width: 3’3″ – 4’3″
Emissions: Tier 4 Final

17 H.P Kubota Tier 4 Diesel Engine

Greater Efficiency, Clean Burning with Low Noise and Vibration.

Stable Excavator

The KX018-4’s superior stability is due to its long tumbler distance and wide variable track width. It enables you to safely perform jobs using a host of Kubota attachments. And Kubota’s unique hydraulic system, together with a powerful boom cylinder, delivers the lifting power you need to broaden your range of lifting jobs. Combined, you get an advanced hydraulic system that automatically regulates and distributes the optimum amount of oil to each cylinder, based on the weight of the load for smooth, responsive and stable lifting ability.

Enhanced Digging Force

The KX018-4 delivers an impressive bucket digging force. Its powerful and well-balanced arm and bucket allow the operator to dig faster and more efficiently even in the toughest conditions.

Kubota KX018-4 Series Excavators