Kubota Graders

A must-have tool for landscapers, contractors, developers or anyone who needs to level construction sites, driveways, and parking lots.

Best Skid Graders for Sale

Are you a professional who expects the very best tools? The Kubota SG25 Skid Graders are built to be robust.

72″ (886 lb.), 84″ (952 lb.)
Standard ripper teeth
Bi-directional blades; Adjustable cutting angles
Replaceable skid shoes
Correct hitch angle
Bucket carrier on top

AVAILABLE FOR: SSV65 / SSV75 / SVL65-2 / SVL75-2 / SVL95-2s

Grader Blade

Dual height grader blades allow adjustments and control of the leveling and grading action.

Kubota Matched

The perfect match for your Kubota SVL and SSV.

Kubota Graders