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Kubota F90 Series Front Mount Mowers

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Whatever your mowing application, there’s a Kubota F-Series mower that can do the job with power, precision, and efficiency. All F90 mowers offer powerful yet economical and clean performance, great safety, easy maintenance, superior operator comfort as well as a high level of productivity and reliability making them the right choice to meet all your mowing needs.

Powerful Kubota Engine

The Powerful Kubota diesel engines mean faster, more efficient job performance. These F-Series engines have power to spare. Their high torque rise ensures faster, smoother recovery under sudden loading, letting you power through tall or wet grass without skipping a beat. They’re also environmentally and economically friendly thanks to their compliance with the EPA’s Tier IV emissions regulations, enhanced combustion efficiency, low vibration and noise levels.

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4WD and Auto-Assist 4WD

Auto-Assist 4WD works in forward and reverse, automatically controlling the drive loads on the wheels during turns. Auto-Assist 4WD lets you turn with greater efficiency and ease with less wear and tear on the turf. Full-time 4WD can also be engaged.

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Electronic Governor

The F3990 diesel engine features an electronic governor that stabilizes the engine speed at 2,500rpm with the PTO switched on for enhanced cutting and discharge performance, and increases engine speed to 2,700rpm with the PTO switched off for faster traveling speed.

Kubota F90 Series Front Mount Mowers Picture