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Krone Big Pack Square Balers

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Krone Big Pack square balers are a popular choice among farmers in British Columbia. Big, heavy bales that are easily stack-able. The Big Pack line up includes models ideally suited for a wide range of applications. From the Fraser Valley to the Okanagan there is a Big Pack that will make you more money.

Packed with Features!

The range of Big Pack balers is packed with features and capabilities to meet the needs of British Columbia farmers. No matter the size of your haying operation a Big Pack can be configured with the features you need.

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Big Balers Features May Include:

  • HighSpeed: Much higher capacity thanks to higher stroke frequency and larger pre-chamber
    HDP: higher bale density – up to 25 % heavier bales
  • HDP II: Up to 70 % higher throughput or up to 10 % higher bale density
  • Chamber sizes from 80 x 70 cm (2’7.5″x 2’4″) to 120 x 130 cm (3’11″x 4’3″)
  • Camless EasyFlow Pick-up with powered feed roller
  • VFS Variable Filling System
  • The Cutting systems XCut, VariCut, PreChop
  • MultiBale system: up to nine small bales in one pack
  • PreChop: for finely chopped, short straw lengths

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Multi Bale!

MultiBale technology lets you pack up to 9 small bales, into one giant easy to transport high density bale. Cut your big bale into easy to handle smaller bales.

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A Cut Above

Farmers in British Columbia need to make hay specific to their needs. A baler that helps prepare the hay for the end use application is a huge advantage. Krone offers distinct cutting systems; XCut, VariCut, PreChop are configured to meet your requirements.

XCut – Precision cutting for most hay operations.

VariCut – Up to 51 knives gives you on the fly flexibility in cut length.

PreChop – A removable PreChop module helps withe liquid absorption, creating low dust material.

Krone Big Pack Square Balers Picture
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