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JBS Forage Boxes

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Across British Columbia JBS is recognized for their commitment to building quality products. JBS forage boxes are built to last and feature some innovative design features like low friction flooring for quick unloading.

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JBS Forage Box Specifications

Length: 20′ – 34′
Heaped capacity: 1,120 ft3 – 1,904 ft3
Width: 8′
Heaped capacity extensions: 1,440 ft3 – 2,448 ft3
Height: 6′

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JBS Forage Box Standard Features

12 gauge walls
Floor chain with tubing cross slats
Dual floor drive

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Hydraulic & spring suspension
Paint and decal packages
Multiple door configurations
Multiple tire options
Planetary drives
Wall extensions
88k floor chain

JBS Forage Boxes Picture
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