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Avenue has harrows for sale to meet all dirt working demands. Many different style of harrow are in use today our salespeople will work with you to determine the best harrow for your particular needs.

Drag Harrows

Land Pride’s DRG04, DRG06 & DRG08 Drag Harrows are highly versatile in their design and performance. A harrow mounted on the drag bar with tines facing down and forward will deliver aggressive soil stirring action and deep penetration. Turn the harrow 180 degrees with tines facing down and to the rear and you’ll get less penetration with lighter cultivating action. Flip the harrow over with tines facing up and you get almost no cultivating action.

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Chain and Pasture Harrows

When you goals are to distribute and pulverize manure, prepare seed beds, level mole hills, and other actions that renovate pastures these style of pull harrow are a great choice. we carry different manufacturers and will help you choose based on application and value.

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Spike Tooth Harrows

The STH1590 Spike Tooth Harrow cuts through clods, manure, and grasses to break up material into finer pieces so that it can be spread evenly across the ground. This harrow does an excellent job of smoothing garden plots, fields, arenas, and landscaping areas. It loosens crusted soil, aerates legume crops such as alfalfa and uncovers overwintering insects. The harrow can be used to spread manure, grass clippings, leaf litter, previous crop stubble, and gravel on driveways; It can also be incorporated into soil fertilizer, herbicide, broadcast seed, and overseeding applications.

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