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Fendt 700 Gen 6 Series Tractors

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Fendt 700 Gen 6 series tractors innovate on precision farming technologies to let farmers truly maximize efficiencies across their operation. The 700 Gen 6 series offers flexible high-horsepower machines that meet a versatile range of needs that farmers in British Columbia have. From the grassland operations of hay workers in Falkland to the heavy duty field work of the Delta Potato farmers this range of tractors is well suited for it all.

Vario Transmission

Fendt has set the bar on transmissions with the Vario transmission. The power you need for the operation you are undertaking, at the speed you need to be moving. It’s the exacting precision that modern farming demands for truly increasing the efficiency of inputs and fuel.

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Advanced Workstation

The workstation has been reimagined into a literal command center. Up to three displays feed you the data you need to get every bit of efficiency out of your operation. Flexible button assignment gives you unlimited customization of control so that you can work just the way you want.

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Front Power Load Relief

Easily transfer some implement weight to your front axle. Fine tune the degree of load-relief and get the safest steering possible.

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