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Fendt 500 Series Tractors

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Maneuverable, powerful, and precise Fendt 500 Series tractors are popular across British Columbia. When put head to head with tractors in the same class farmers find that the Fendt 500 series offer way more features. The 500 series are precision farming ready and can help a farm manage implements, mapping, inputs, and fuel savings in entirely new ways that put thinking of the future first.

Vario Transmission

The Fendt Vario transmission system is known as the driving force behind Fendt’s popularity. The hyrdostatic-mechanical split drive gives you the power you need at any speed which allows for accurate work for all operations. The transmission automatically communicates with the engine to set ideal speeds for optimal fuel consumption

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Control Through the Varioterminal

Intuitive tractor and implement control are just the beginning of what the Varioterminal will let you accomplish. The doors of precision farming are flung wide open with this powerful computer station. Easy to manage variable rate control lets you save on inputs, while the system automatically documents application data for future use. The screen is a high-quality touch display that puts true control right at your finger tips.

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Play it Cool

The Fendt 500 series tractors are designed to run cool even while providing serious power, under demanding conditions. The radiator, intercooler, transmission oil and fuel cooler keep the efficient and powerful engine at the ideal working temperature. Powerful water pumps play a role in the 500 series effective use of energy.

Fendt 500 Series Tractors Picture