Best Pressure Washers for Sale in BC

Avenue Machinery chooses to sell BE pressure washers because of the reliability they offer. Through our stores in Abbotsford, Vernon, and Kelowna we sell the best pressure washers to hard-working people from Vancouver, Chilliwack, Langley, Richmond, Surrey, the Okanagan and all of British Columbia.

Professional Pressure Washers

Avenue Machinery provides the best pressure washers for sale in British Columbia. Professional and consumer duty washers from BE are the go-to choice for those who demand quality.

Commercial Grade Belt Driven

Does your pressure washer meet the demands of your workload? High performance, matched with the reliability a professional needs to stay working every day. A belt drive BE pressure washer is the right choice. Avenue Machinery supplies the people of British Columbia with quality pressure washers for all the work they have on hand.

Industrial Grade

More powerful and durable than other leading models the Hot Water Washer series available at Avenue Machinery is a popular choice for industrial applications.

Best Pressure Washers for Sale in BC