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Alamo Mantis

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The Mantis 4142™ is a multifunction machine that gives municipalities, maintenance companies, and contractors more power than ever before. Take advantage of the wide array of attachment possibilities that can change-out quickly. Mid-mounting features and front and rear universal hitches. Conduct roadside mowing one day and clear the snow from the streets the next day.

Mid-Mount Options

With mowers mounted to the sides and down the middle, the Mantis makes short work of massive mowing jobs.

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Extreme Maneuverability

Operators can make tight turns and use crab steering to get the job done effectively. A premium air ride seat keeps the driver fresh for hours of efficient work.

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Quickly Versatile

Tackle any task! The extensive Mantis attachment options make it the right tool for almost any job. Quick changeout design (30-minute swaps!) gives you the power to do more in a given day!

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