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    2013 Kubota K008-3 Excavator

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    2013 Kubota K008-3 Excavator https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/1F7B2543-E737-426F-B68F-2E5BB7D01AC8.jpeg $17,900

    2013 Kubota K008-3 Excavator, Rubber tracks,
    12″ Dig & 14″ Cleanup buckets, Folding ROPS,
    Retractable undercarriage, 11 HP Kubota diesel
    engine, One metric ton unit, 1,415 Hrs.


  • kubota zero turn mower for sale canada

    Kubota Z200 Series Turn Mower

    Lawn Mower
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    Kubota Z200 Series Turn Mower https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/kubota-zero-turn-mower-for-sale-canada.jpg

  • Kubota SZ Series Stand-on Lawnmowers

    Lawn Mower
    Horsepower:19 - 26
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    Kubota SZ Series Stand-on Lawnmowers https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/SZ-mower-canada.png $11,918

  • CA603316 706E 46B4 A79E 4188A701EB08

    Kubota B4200 Tractor

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    Kubota B4200 Tractor https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/CA603316-706E-46B4-A79E-4188A701EB08-scaled.jpeg $12,500

    Kubota B4200 Tractor with front end loader, 4WD,
    12.5 HP Kubota diesel engine, Standard trans, 3 Pt
    hitch and PTO, 60″ mid mount mower deck,
    1,936 Hrs.


  • 56C98563 7BB4 4A20 8859 9170E58D1EA9

    2013 Jaylor 4650 Mixer

    Feed Mixer
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    2013 Jaylor 4650 Mixer https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/56C98563-7BB4-4A20-8859-9170E58D1EA9-scaled.jpeg $25,900

    2013 Jaylor 4650 Mixer wagon, 650 cubic feet,
    Twin screw, 2 Speed gear box, Ladder, Scales,
    Alexander knives, Vertical knives, Dual side front
    conveyor, CV PTO, New rear gearbox.


  • seeder4

    2007 Landpride OS1548 Overseeder

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    2007 Landpride OS1548 Overseeder https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/seeder4.jpg $4,950

    2007 Landpride OS1548 overseeder,
    48″ working width, 3pt hitch.


  • 3E17E546 8E89 407A BC8C 78ABB50D12D5

    2019 Kuhn HR4004 Power Harrow

    Power Harrow
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    2019 Kuhn HR4004 Power Harrow https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/3E17E546-8E89-407A-BC8C-78ABB50D12D5-scaled.jpeg $25,900

    2019 Kuhn HR4004 power harrow, New condition,
    4 meter working width, Packer roller.


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    Degelman REV1000 Rotary Cutter

    Rotary Cutter
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    Degelman REV1000 Rotary Cutter https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/8AB178B8-9B1C-40C2-9B83-6622147B6715-scaled.jpeg $15,900

    Degelman REV1000 rotary cutter,
    10 foot cutting width, Single wing fold,
    1,000 RPM PTO.


  • B73E8430 09F6 4E95 A9D2 F8189555BF9E

    2018 Kubota BX23S Tractor

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    2018 Kubota BX23S Tractor https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/B73E8430-09F6-4E95-A9D2-F8189555BF9E.jpeg $24,900

    2018 Kubota BX23S tractor, loader, backhoe,
    23 HP Kubota diesel engine, 4WD, R4 industrial
    tires, Skid steer style bucket quick coupler,
    3pt hitch kit, Hydrostatic trans, With RCK54-23BX
    54″ mid mount mower deck with mulch kit,
    LED lighting added, 179 hrs.


  • CAF5CA6E 63B8 4C04 8991 383F74C1413C

    Kubota Tire Set

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    Kubota Tire Set https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/CAF5CA6E-63B8-4C04-8991-383F74C1413C-scaled.jpeg $1,900

    Front- AMR8974A size 9.5-16 R1
    Rear- L5740DTRRAG size 13.6×28 R1

    #L5040GST-3 50.0HP 12F/8R GST 4WD ROPS
    #L5060GSTRC 52.0HP 12F/8R GST 4WD ROPS
    #L5240HST-3 52.0HP 3-HST 4WD ROPS
    #L5460HST 56.0HP HST 4WD ROPS
    #L5460HSTRC 56.0HP HST 4WD ROPS
    #L5740HST-3 57.0HP 3-HST 4WD ROPS
    #L6060HST 62.0HP HST 4WD ROPS
    #L6060HSTRC 62.0HP HST 4WD ROPS
    #L5240HSTCC3 52.0HP 3-HST 4WD Cab
    #L5460HSTCC 56.0HP HST 4WD CAB
    #L5740HSTCC3 57.0HP 3-HST 4WD Cab
    #L6060HSTCC 62.0HP HST 4WD CAB
    #L6060HSTCC-1 62.0HP HST 4WD CAB W/O SEAT
    #MX4700DT 46.0HP 8F/8R 4WD ROPS
    #MX4700F 46.0HP 8F/8R 2WD ROPS
    #MX4700HST 46.0HP 3-HST 4WD ROPS
    #MX4800DT 48.0HP 8F/8R 4WD ROPS
    #MX4800DTRC 48.0HP 8F/8R 4WD ROPS
    #MX4800HST 48.0HP 3-HST 4WD ROPS
    #MX4800HSTRC 48.0HP 3-HST 4WD ROPS
    #MX5100DT 50.0HP 8F/8R 4WD ROPS
    #MX5100F 50.0HP 8F/8R 2WD ROPS
    #MX5100HST 50.0HP 3-HST 4WD ROPS
    #MX5200DT 52.0HP 8F/8R 4WD ROPS
    #MX5200DTRC 52.0HP 8F/8R 4WD ROPS
    #MX5200F 52.0HP 8F/8R 2WD ROPS
    #MX5200FRC 52.0HP 8F/8R 2WD ROPS
    #MX5200HST 52.0HP 3-HST 4WD ROPS
    #MX5200HSTRC 52.0HP 3-HST 4WD ROPS
    #MX5400DTRC 54HP 8F/8R 4WD ROPS
    #MX5400FRC 54HP 8F/8R 2WD ROPS
    #MX5800HST 58.0HP 3-HST 4WD ROPS
    #MX5800HSTRC 58.0HP 3-HST 4WD ROPS
    #M6060HD 63.5HP 8F/8R 4WD ROPS
    #M6060HDRC M6060HDRC 63.5HP F8/R8 4WD ROPS
    #MX5400DTCC 54HP 8F/8R 4WD CAB
    #MX5400HSTCC 54HP HST3 4WD CAB


  • 143177DB 94A0 41DF AA3F 9593700C7A7E

    2017 Cat 259D Compact Track Loader

    Compact Track Loader
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    2017 Cat 259D Compact Track Loader https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/143177DB-94A0-41DF-AA3F-9593700C7A7E.jpeg $59,950

    2017 Cat 259D Compact track loader, Cab with heat
    and A/C, ISO joystick hand controls, Tipping load 5,800 lbs,
    2,030 lbs ROC (Rated operating capacity), 74 HP,
    Stereo, 2 speed, Hydraulic bucket Q/C,
    Keyless start, Back up camera, Heated seat,
    New 72″ construction bucket with BOE, 907 hrs.


  • 2107BC12 CF3B 4F9E 8431 46BD955E2BE6

    Aerway Aerator

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    Aerway Aerator https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/2107BC12-CF3B-4F9E-8431-46BD955E2BE6-scaled.jpeg $8,950

    Aerway Aerator, Model 1500-4B18-A,
    3pt hitch, 16 foot working width..


  • 51BBC5DF 4DD7 432D ADC2 DA100ADE3911

    2019 John Deere X758 Lawn Mower

    Lawn Mower
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    2019 John Deere X758 Lawn Mower https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/51BBC5DF-4DD7-432D-ADC2-DA100ADE3911-scaled.jpeg $17,900

    2019 John Deere X758 Lawn Mower, 4WD, 24 HP
    diesel engine, Power steering, Hydraulic deck
    lift, Hydraulic mulch kit, AutoConnect 54″ deck,
    Alloy wheels, Includes mower deck dolly and rear
    mounted fertilizer spreader with electric motor
    drive, 81 Hrs.


  • 6970F0B8 4883 4F1C A8BA 5B9A30EDBB29

    New Holland 185 Manure Spreader

    Manure Spreader
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    New Holland 185 Manure Spreader https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/6970F0B8-4883-4F1C-A8BA-5B9A30EDBB29-scaled.jpeg $16,900

    New Holland 185 manure spreader,
    Tandem axle, Floatation tires, Hydraulic
    end gate, End pan.


  • C5C7DAB2 1B07 4C14 8D8A 75F23F4008B8

    2017 BE Skid Steer Snow Blade

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    2017 BE Skid Steer Snow Blade https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/C5C7DAB2-1B07-4C14-8D8A-75F23F4008B8-scaled.jpeg $1,750

    2017 BE skid steer snow blade,
    7 foot working width, Hydraulic angling,
    Includes hydraulic hoses with flat face couplers,
    Trip mechanism.


  • jay2

    Jaylor 1500 Mixer Wagon

    Feed Mixer
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    Jaylor 1500 Mixer Wagon https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/jay2.jpg $8,950

    Jaylor 1500 Mixer Wagon, 425 cubic foot capacity,
    Weigh scale, Left side discharge with tilt,
    540 RPM PTO.