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Used Tractors for Sale in BC

Avenue Machinery is home to the biggest selection of used tractors for sale in BC! When you are looking to buy a quality used tractor browse our inventory. We specialize in used Kubota tractors but carry used farm equipment from John Deere, Case, New Holland, Massey Ferguson, Valtra. Financing is available on some models. Our sales team is ready to help!

With locations in Abbotsford, Vernon and Kelowna and a network of shipping contacts we are able to serve Vancouver, Surrey, Chilliwack, Delta, Whistler, Pemberton, Vernon, Kelowna, Salmon Arm and across all of BC.

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    2018 Kubota BX23S Tractor

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    2018 Kubota BX23S Tractor https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/B73E8430-09F6-4E95-A9D2-F8189555BF9E.jpeg $24,900

    2018 Kubota BX23S tractor, loader, backhoe,
    23 HP Kubota diesel engine, 4WD, R4 industrial
    tires, Skid steer style bucket quick coupler,
    3pt hitch kit, Hydrostatic trans, With RCK54-23BX
    54″ mid mount mower deck with mulch kit,
    LED lighting added, 179 hrs.


  • C179252C 4F80 485A 8F3E 0F44A48F0179

    2002 Kubota L35 TLB

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    2002 Kubota L35 TLB https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/C179252C-4F80-485A-8F3E-0F44A48F0179.jpeg $26,900

    2002 Kubota L35 TLB, 4WD, 35 HP Kubota diesel
    engine, ROPS with canopy, Mechanical thumb,
    60″ loader bucket, Hydrostatic transmission, R4
    industrial tires, 4,162 Hrs.


  • CA603316 706E 46B4 A79E 4188A701EB08

    Kubota B4200 Tractor

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    Kubota B4200 Tractor https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/CA603316-706E-46B4-A79E-4188A701EB08-scaled.jpeg $12,500

    Kubota B4200 Tractor with front end loader, 4WD,
    12.5 HP Kubota diesel engine, Standard trans, 3 Pt
    hitch and PTO, 60″ mid mount mower deck,
    1,910 Hrs.


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    2019 Kubota M6-141DTSCC-F Tractor

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    2019 Kubota M6-141DTSCC-F Tractor https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/50233FA3-3EC1-4DB3-BEE1-9405DCC3B986-scaled.jpeg $119,900

    2019 Kubota M6-141DTSCC-F tractor with M57SS self
    leveling loader, 4WD, Ag tires, Soft drive and 3rd
    function on loader, Cab with heat and A/C,
    Full factory warranty to May 17/21,
    Factory powertrain warranty to May 17/25,
    1,227 hrs.


  • D12CA31F 6A6F 425D ADBA AB1B103A9C99

    2013 John Deere 7200R Tractor

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    2013 John Deere 7200R Tractor https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/D12CA31F-6A6F-425D-ADBA-AB1B103A9C99.jpeg $124,900

    2013 John Deere 7200R Tractor, Cab with heat
    & A/C, IVT transmission, 3 Sets of rear remote
    hydraulics, Loader ready, 12 Front suitcase
    weights, Rear wheel weights, Triple link front
    axle suspension, Rear quick hitch, 710/70R-38
    rear Michelin radials, 600/650R-28 front
    Michelin radials, Front fenders, Xenon work
    lights, New IVT transmission just installed,
    200 engine HP, 165 PTO HP, 10,007 hrs.


  • Tractor

    2017 Fendt 824 Tractor

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    2017 Fendt 824 Tractor https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/2BEBF7BB-47B7-4CB2-8EE8-AB9D4189D9C3-scaled.jpeg $274,900

    2017 Fendt 824 tractor, 4WD, Vario CVT trans,
    Cab with heat and A/C, Profi Plus, Varioguide with
    Trimble GPS, 1,800 Kg front weight, Cool box,
    Exhaust brake, Hyd trailer brakes,
    Air brakes, 540E/1000 rear PTO,
    4 sets of rear remote hyds, Extended bar axles,
    620/70R-42 Michelins on rear, ,
    600/65R-28 Michelins on front,
    Freshly serviced for 1,500 hrs, Hyd top link,
    1,507 hrs.


  • Tractor For Sale

    2015 Fendt 824 Tractor

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    2015 Fendt 824 Tractor https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/D7BF3DA8-7F3C-4A1C-949F-FA111C1268AE-scaled.jpeg $187,900

    2015 Fendt 824 Cab tractor, 240 HP engine,
    Exhaust brake, Wheel weights 4 X 300kg,
    540E/1000 PTO, Warning lights in LH & RH,
    Hydraulic top link, Front ballast weight 1,250 kg,
    Hydraulic brakes, 4,689 Hrs.


  • Tractor

    2013 Deutz Agrotron X720 Tractor

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    2013 Deutz Agrotron X720 Tractor https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/IMG_4827-scaled.jpg $114,900

    2013 Deutz Agrotron X720 Tractor, 4WD, Cab
    with heat & A/C, Front 3 Pt hitch & front PTO,
    Front axle suspension, 40/40 partial powershift
    trans, 4 range with creeper mode, 540/540E/1,000
    RPM PTO, Air trailer brakes, 275 Engine HP, 4 sets
    of rear remote hyds, Stereo, 710/70R-42 rear
    radials, 600/65R-38 front radials, 4,539 Hrs.


  • Kubota Tractor

    2018 Kubota M7-171P-PS Tractor

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    2018 Kubota M7-171P-PS Tractor https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/IMG_4640-scaled.jpg $142,900

    2018 Kubota M7-171P-PS Tractor with loader,
    Premium Cab with heat & A/C, Bluetooth stereo,
    ISOBUS Monitor with 12″ screen, Four sets of
    remote hydraulics with power beyond,
    540 / 540E / 1000 / 1000E Rear PTO, 50 Km Power
    shift transmission, 650 / 65R-38 Rear Michelin
    radials, 540 /65R-28 Front Michelin radials, Rear
    wheel weights, Load sensing closed center hyds,
    Front fenders & rear fender extensions, Rear
    fender controls, LM2605 Self-level loader with
    third function, 102″ Grapple bucket and soft ride,
    170 Engine HP, 140 PTO HP, Front axle suspension,
    Balance of full factory warranty to April 2-2021,
    Factory Powertrain warranty to April 2-2021,
    314 Hrs.


  • John Deere tractor

    2014 John Deere 6140D Tractor

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    2014 John Deere 6140D Tractor https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/IMG_0667-scaled.jpg $86,500

    2014 John Deere 6140D tractor with H310XP loader,
    Cab with heat and A/C, 4WD,
    2 sets of rear remote hyds, Loader 3rd function,
    Stereo, 138 engine HP, 115 PTO HP,
    Loader 3rd function,
    24/12 partial powershift trans,
    18.4-38 rears, 14.9-28 fronts,
    4 rear wheel weights per side,
    4,352 hrs.


  • Tractor

    2015 Case IH Puma 150 Tractor

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    2015 Case IH Puma 150 Tractor https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/IMG_0676-scaled.jpg $99,500

    2015 Case IH Puma 150 tractor, 4WD, Cab with heat
    and A/C, Buddy seat, Two sets of rear remote hyds,
    150 engine HP, 125 PTO HP, Stereo, 830 hrs.


  • Tractor

    John Deere 4066M Tractor

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    John Deere 4066M Tractor https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/IMG_0489-scaled.jpg $41,900

    2018 John Deere 4066M tractor with loader, 4WD, Manual trans with reverser, R4 industrial tires, 65 HP diesel engine, 52 PTO HP, 72″ quick attach bucket, Pallet forks, 160 Hrs.


  • Tractor

    1998 New Holland TN90F Tractor

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    1998 New Holland TN90F Tractor https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/83A1E45A-5D39-4524-8549-3EA50A9B4E22.jpeg $24,900

    1998 New Holland TN90F Narrow tractor, Cab with
    heat, 4WD, Supersteer front axle, Two sets
    of rear remotes, Full stack of front weights,
    88 engine HP, 603 Hrs.


  • 2011 New Holland T4030V

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    2011 New Holland T4030V https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/IMG_3419.jpg $36,900

    This is a great used narrow tractor for an orchard or vineyard.

    2011 New Holland T4030V Narrow tractor, 2WD,
    360/24 Ag tires, Dual rear remotes, ROPS,
    72 HP engine, 62 PTO HP, One set of weights,
    2,018 Hrs.


  • 2011 John Deere 7230R Tractor

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    2011 John Deere 7230R Tractor https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/20200417_082532-scaled.jpg $167,900

    2011 John Deere 7230R Tractor, 4WD, H480 Self
    levelling loader w/grapple, Cab with heat & A/C,
    4 Sets of remote hydraulics, 9 ft bucket, 20 X 20
    auto quad partial powershift trans, 253 HP diesel
    engine, 225 PTO HP, 5,094 Hrs.


  • Tractor

    2017 Kubota M7-151P KVT

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    2017 Kubota M7-151P KVT https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/68985A6D-6963-4B6C-8FBA-A48CC7C4C4F1-scaled.jpeg $155,900

  • 2007 Kubota B3030 Tractor

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    2007 Kubota B3030 Tractor https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/IMG_9024-1.jpg $19,900

    2007 Kubota B3030HSDC Tractor
    Cab with heat & A/C
    4WD,30 HP Kubota diesel engine
    60″ mid mount mower
    Fender skirts
    1,915 Hrs.


  • new Kubota

    Consider new! Kubota 0%

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    Consider new! Kubota 0% https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/new-kubota-bx.png

  • 2011 Kubota M8540NPK Crawler Tractor

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    2011 Kubota M8540NPK Crawler Tractor https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/261B5ED8-924D-41C6-B651-1362D2145278.jpeg $34,900

    2011 Kubota M8540NPK Power Crawler Tractor, 4WD,
    Cab with heat & A/C, 8 Speed Trans, Fender skirts,
    2 Sets of rear remote hydraulics, New tracks,
    85 HP Diesel engine, 73 PTO HP, Wide radial front
    tires, 3,393 Hrs.


  • 2013 Fendt 714 Tractor

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    2013 Fendt 714 Tractor https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/IMG_0026.jpg $155,900

    2013 Fendt 714 Tractor with 785 loader, 4WD, Wheel
    weights 4 X 300kg on rear, Deluxe seat, Amber
    beacon lights, Hydraulic pump 152 4 min,
    140 engine HP, Vario CUT trans w/50km travel,
    113 PTO HP, 650/65R-38 Rear radials, 480/70R-28
    Front radials, 540/1000 PTO, 4 Sets of rear remote
    hyds, 3,333 Hrs.


  • 2016 Kubota M7 151S

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    2016 Kubota M7 151S https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/20200407_120213-scaled.jpg $119,900

    2016 Kubota M7-151S-PS Tractor with loader,
    24 Speed Powershift, Self levelling front end
    loader, Hydraulic brakes, 3 sets of rear hyds,
    Full cab with heat & A/C, 151 HP diesel engine,
    130 PTO HP, 540/1000 PTO, 650/65R-38
    rear radials, 540/65R-28 front radials,
    Factory powertrain warranty to May 29/24 or 2,000 hrs,
    1,513 Hrs.


  • Massey Ferguson 6700 Series tractors

    Horsepower:115 - 125
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    Massey Ferguson 6700 Series tractors https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/avenue-machinery-6700-tractor.jpg

  • 2016 Fendt 514 Tractor

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    2016 Fendt 514 Tractor https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/IMG_8725-1.jpg $153,900

    2016 Fendt 514S4 Tractor with Cargo 4X/75 loader
    CVT Trans with 50 km/hr travel
    Fender 3 Pt hitch
    Control valve
    42 G.P.M. hydraulic pump
    Free flow return
    Rear wheel weights
    3rd function hyd for loader
    Loader boom suspension
    New take off Michelin radial tires
    580/70R-38 rears
    480/70R-28 fronts
    540/1,000 PTO
    2,872 hrs.


  • 2005 Fendt 924 Tractor

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    2005 Fendt 924 Tractor https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/IMG_8537.jpg $85,900

    2005 Fendt 924 Tractor
    900 Rear tires
    750 Front tires
    Vario Transmission
    4 Sets of Remote hydraulics
    240 Eng HP
    200 PTO HP
    Rear wheel weights
    Front 3 Pt Hitch & PTO Hyd & Air brake outlets
    Front weights,
    9,229 Hrs


  • 2016 Fendt 822 Tractor

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    2016 Fendt 822 Tractor https://avenuemachinery.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/IMG_8017.jpg $235,900

    This is a low hour fully loaded Fendt tractor for sale. The Profi plus cab and Trimple GPS make this a precision farming ready machine. The reliability and innovation of Fendt are becoming legendary. If you’ve been a John Deere guy or in another brand for awhile why not get a Fendt demo? What can it hurt? See how a Fendt machine might fit into your farming activities. Our sales team can help you stack this 822 up against other in class tractors. Give us a call today.


    2016 Fendt 822-S4 Tractor
    220 Eng HP
    CVT transmission
    4 Sets of remote hydraulics
    870 kg front weight
    Exhaust brake
    Hydraulic toplink
    Profi plus cab
    Trimble GPS
    Hydraulic trailer brakes
    Front 3pt hitch weight carrier
    710/70R Rears
    600/65R Fronts
    Michelin tires
    540/1000 PTO
    1,396 Hrs.


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