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The Benefits of Precision

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When you climb into the cab of big tractor today it can feel more like entering the cockpit of a fighter jet. You are greeted with a computer console and an intimidating array of buttons, joysticks and knobs.  What’s scary technology at first is easily learn-able and pays huge dividends on farms willing to adopt it. Avenue Machinery is helping farmers across British Columbia transition into the future by introducing and training them to the wonderful world of precision farming. Today we will examine what you save when you begin precision farming.



    • You Save on Inputs

      Having complete control over all crop inputs such as seed, fertilizer and chemicals offers farmers a chance to be on top of their input costs like never before. Precision control means less waste. You’re able to understand which areas of your field need a fertilizer boost, rather than just spraying blind. Section control is monitored using onboard GPS, your machine will automatically turn of sprayer nozzles in overlapped areas. Variable-rate control lets you manage the application rate of your inputs no matter the speed you are traveling in the field. You don’t need to juggle your output speed on the fly.

    • You Save on Fuel

      While both the Kubota M7 series and the Fendt’s we sell are designed to save you money on fuel. Fendt boasts the highest levels of fuel efficiency in the industry. This is accomplished by the computer system constantly adjusting your fuel consumption based on your transmission and engine loads. The computer finds the optimal operating parameters and the end result is major fuel savings.

    • You Save on Time

      Man hours are among the most scarce resources on the planet. Farm labour is tough to secure, and your day only has 24 hours in it. Precision farming equipment GPS lets you manage how many passes you’re taking in the field, you don’t have time to do a job twice.

    • You Save on Space

      You need to maximize the land. GPS lets you plant with incredible accuracy. Your lines are straight with accuracy as precise as 2cm so you can plant more in your field. Agronomy features let you plan in a way that optimizes your yield per acre of land.


    Avenue Saves you a headache

    Our precision farming experts are able to help you choose the right machines for your applications while training you on how to use the onboard computer system that makes this magic possible. We’re here to help you as you consider updating and adopting this technology and can help you weigh out the return on investment it may be able to bear for your operation.

    For a comprehensive overview of how precision-based agricultural practices will continue to affect the industry we recommend this article.

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