BC Equipment Spotlight

Looking at Construction and Agriculture Equipment in the Field

Snow on the Wet Coast

It is a myth that it never snows on B.C's coast. Each year the municipalities in the Lower Mainland get at least a couple of sizeable dumpings. Property owners need to be prepared to clear their driveways and access roads. Here we see a Kubota tractor in Langley getting set to clear snow in the evening. A hydraulic blade on this setup lets the operator hop in and get straight to work. See Kubota Tractors for Sale

Blades v.s Blowers

As winter hits British Columbia, different regions experience quite different snow types. The interior tends to have dry snow while the snow closer to the coast is wet and heavy. Blowers tend to work best with the dry snow which is much lighter. Wet snow requires a blade and some serious horsepower. Avenue Machinery set this Kubota up for a property owner in Langley. It has been configured perfectly for heavy snow removal. The operators will particularly appreciate the heated cab!

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