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Looking at Construction and Agriculture Equipment in the Field

Track Loader at Work in Langley

We're proud that Lynx Landscaping has chosen Avenue Machinery as their Kubota construction equipment provider. This hardworking company has grown its reputation in the lower mainland as a top-tier hardscaping company.
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Clearing Blackberry Growth in Langley

Blackberry bushes produce delightfully tasty snacks, but they can also become unruly. How do you remove overgrown blackberry bushes? Kubota construction equipment is an excellent choice for this type of work. If you don't own your own brush cutter and track loader we recommend Lynx Contracting. They provide professional land clearing in Metro Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, and across the lowermainland.

Land Clearing with Track Loaders in BC

There continues to be a premium placed on land in British Columbia. Lynx Contracting uses a Kubota Track loader from Avenue Machinery outfitted with a rotary cutter to make previously unavailable land useable. See Skid Steers for Sale

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