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Auction Rules:

User Registration
Users must be 19 years of age. The use of a real name is required for registration, while a display name can be anything*. The use of false or misleading information is considered fraudulent.

*display names are subject to Avenue Machinery’s discretion and will be changed if deemed offensive, dangerous, or otherwise inappropriate for the site.

You are responsible for password privacy.

Auction Rules
Avenue Machinery requires that you read, understand, accept, and comply with the following terms and conditions in order to bid in an online auction hosted by us.
Bidder Eligibility
You must be at least 19 years of age and able to form legally binding contracts in British Columbia.

User Conduct
Interference with other users’ transactions is prohibited. Users can not place bids, or cause bids to be placed to drive up an item’s price artificially. Posts, comments, pictures, and other site interactions are at the sole discretion of Avenue Machinery and can be deleted.

Condition of Goods
All items are for sale “as is”. Items can be viewed in person at Avenue Machinery.

Auction Close
Refers to the end of bidding during the online auction.

Your Bid or Purchase is a Contract
When you place a bid on an online auction item, you enter into a binding agreement to purchase the item if you are the winning bidder. You are the winning bidder if your bid is the highest bid at Auction Close and your bid is accepted by the Avenue Machinery.

Payment Terms
If you are a winning bidder you agree to pay the full amount of your winning bid, plus any applicable sales or use tax on your purchase, as well as any applicable shipping or delivery charges. Payment shall be arranged electronically within 5 days of winning bid notification being sent to the winner.

In order to pick up an item, you must produce a government-issued ID.

All Bids are Final
Once placed and confirmed a bid can’t be retracted (except in the case that the completion of the transaction would violate the law).

Government Regulations and Taxes
If you are outside of Canada you are solely responsible for compliance with any tax laws of you jurisdiction governing your purchase. It is your responsibility to report and pay any applicable taxes. We suggest you consult a professional tax adviser.

Auction Changes
Avenue Machinery reserves the right to remove items from the auction at any time during the auction process.

Acceptance of Terms of Service

You must read, understand, accept, and comply with these rules.

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